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By joining The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 83 you will have the opportunity to make new friends, become involved with your community and to develop and share your leadership skills. You will help perpetuate the Remembrance of those who gave so much for the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today and the proud heritage of this great Canadian organization will be enriched by the enthusiasm, energy and new ideas that you bring to it.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES - Our Branch will have recreational facilities and a licensed lounge. Members enjoy a wide variety of social events such as dances, barbeques, entertainment and a host of other special events.

MEMBER TOURNAMENT SPORTS - Tournament sports such as darts, cribbage, and pool to name a few are offered with competitions ranging from local, provincial and national.

COMMUNITY SERVICE - The Legion serves the community in South Burnaby in many different and deserving capacities. We actively provide support for veterans, seniors, citizens and members of the Canadian Forces. As well, programs for youth are extensive and rewarding, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. We are a major sponsor of the 637 Air Cadet Squadron, George Derby Centre and St. Micheals. LEGION MAGAZINE - Members receive a subscription to the Legion Magazine issued five times a year, with interesting articles and up to date information on Legion Branch activities.

WHO CAN JOIN? Are you a Canadian citizen? Are you a Commonwealth subject? Are you of federal voting age? If so, you are eligible to join the Legion!

There are presently five categories of membership namely: Ordinary; Associate; Affiliate Voting; Affiliate Non-Voting and Military Members at Large.

ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP - This category is open to those who have served or are serving in Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Canadian Armed Forces or Her Majesty's Armed Forces (Regular or Reserve Forces with Class C Service)
  • Armed Forces or Underground Forces of any of Her Majesty's allies in war or police action in which Canada was involved
  • Merchant Navy or non-military services in a theatre of war in which Canada was involved
  • Her Majesty's Reserve Force including Cadet Instructors with 12 months of service
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police or The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary with 12 months of service
  • Armed Forces of a country while with NATO or NORAD
  • United States Forces
  • Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject serving in the Vietnam War with US Armed Forces, Australia, the Republic of Korea or South Vietnam

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - This category is open to relatives of those who served and other applicants.

  • Child, stepchild, grandchild, sibling, niece/nephew, parent, widow/er of someone who served
  • Spouse, sibling, parent or child of an Associate Member
  • Served in The Royal Canadian Sea, Army or Air Cadets for three years
  • Cadet civilian instructor for three years
  • Officer in the Navy League of Canada for two years
  • Served on city, municipal or provincial Police Force for one year
  • Served in the Polish Armed Forces in WW II

Affiliate non-voting membership is open to any citizen from an Allied country, excluding Canada and the Commonwealth, who is of federal voting age and who is not eligible for ordinary, associate or affiliate voting membership and who supports the purposes and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion.

Affiliate voting membership is open to any Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject who is of federal voting age and who is not eligible for ordinary or associate membership.

Membership in The Royal Canadian Legion originates at the local Legion Branch level.
Print off the Application for Membership form and submit it to the Membership Chairman, c/o the Branch.

The Royal Canadian Legion offers a special Military Members at Large (MML) membership to current serving members of Canadian Armed Forces. This enables membership without being affiliated with a local Legion Branch at the time of application, given their diverse postings across the nation.

  • Open to all active service personnel of Canadian Forces
  • Application approval by Legion Headquarters-Dominion Command
  • MML members hold Ordinary membership
  • MML members enjoy all social activities at Branches
  • MML members will not be able to vote or run for office or compete in sporting events until they transfer to a Legion Branch.

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